Guest Blog: Lovers of Love Photography

i'm curious how many wedding images do your parents have of their wedding on their walls? 1? 2? 

Right after your wedding, you'll be obsessed with your images, and you'll print many and hang them on your walls, and your home will be your wedding gallery for a little while. With each guest that comes into your home, you'll retell stories from your day, and the memory lives on. Then you'll travel the world, maybe have kids, years will pass, and as your family grows and you've been married for 25 years, you'll likely have one image of your wedding left on the wall. 

When it comes to pass down the story of your wedding, will your images be readily available? Will you have to dig through boxes in your garage to find old prints that you’ve made? Or worse, will you have to fish for a hard drive and then pray it still turns on and have a way to view the files? 

Keeping all your favorite images in one place like a wedding album will save you a lot of trouble and heartache. A wedding album will bring longevity to the full story of your day. Wedding albums belong with you in your living space, they live with you, grow with you, and sit ready to bring back all the little details and sweet stories from the most epic party of your life. They tell the story of the first day, the day you gathered in front of everyone you loved and promised forever. A wedding album stands as a testament, a visual sign of your commitment to one another. Each time you open it, a new memory comes forth to retell. These stories, if not intentionally preserved to be told,  might be boxed up in a garage. We don't plan to fail; we fail to plan. 

We'd love to save you the trouble and design a wedding album for you.

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