Deciding Where in the World to Get Married

Sometimes the decision of where in the world to get married  can be one of the hardest things couples struggle with when planning their wedding day! These days it’s rare that couples both hail from the same city.  As the average age for couples getting married these days is between 28-32. Most of you have been on your own for a while and have moved away from your home town for college and / or work. Somewhere on your journey met your special person - who - guess what -  is from someplace else! 

Navigating the big decision of where in the world to get married can be daunting for couples.  Consider these questions as you partner together to make this decision. Be honest with your feelings as your discuss these questions and take the time to carefully consider your choices! 


  • Could you or would you want to go home? Do either of you come from a location that you would feel comfortable going back to for your wedding day? 
  • Is your family open and accepting? Is your hometown? Just because gay weddings are legal throughout the US doesn’t mean that every city in every state is welcoming and inclusive! 
  • Is your hometown geographically suitable for most of your guests? Juneau in August is spectacular but getting there can be a challenge!


  • Is there a location in the world that you just love! Where have you created memories as a couple? Beach in Puerto Vallarta?  Seaside in the Hamptons? 
  • Is there a location you have always dreamed about visiting together and the thought of exchanging your vows there is intoxicating! 


  • Where is your tribe traveling from? Are a majority coming from one or two locations or are they spread over the world? 
  • What limitations would your guests have with travel (assuming we CAN travel)? Choosing a difficult to get to location is fine as long as you are OK with a smaller guest attendance. One of our fabulous couples last year decided on a Cancun wedding as it was actually easier and less expensive to get there for their NYC friends than Palm Springs! 


  • What are the pain points for yourselves and your tribe? Carefully check out how hard it is to get to the locations you are considering and how much it costs to get there. Getting married in a villa in Tuscany was always my dream but financially the beach in Tulum was a much better option! Check out 


  • Are there any climate related limitations to the venues you are considering? Palm Springs is a fabulous destination for a wedding but not in the 110’ heat in July! Kauai is amazing but it rains ALL the time! 


  • What’s your style? Are you beach babes? Or mountain men? Have you always dreamed of a sunset wedding or do you want to be hidden in a secret garden? 

Take time to carefully consider these questions.  We just had a couple who thought they were set on a Palm Springs wedding, and almost pulled the trigger on a venue with a big deposit.  But I knew we needed to keep talking and after a few cocktails it came out that one of our brides really had their heart set on getting married in her grandmother's backyard - she was just afraid to say so! 

These are the important decisions you will make as a couple and I encourage you to really take time to talk about your feelings and your hopes and dreams! The truth is that your wedding is going to be amazing wherever it is held, but you want the memories as well as the planning process to be incredible and you want to always speak your truth!

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